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The mission of the Southland Ministerial Health Network (SMHN) is to realize the World Health Organization's (W.H.O.) definition of health for the South Suburban Communities of Chicago and to raise the voice of faith-filled justice for the communities/congregations.

Apostle Dr. Carl L. White Jr.

President - Southland Ministerial Health Network

Community Advocate, Network Leader, Facilitator, Social Justice Champion


Apostle Dr. Carl L. White Jr. is a 36 year member of the Kingdom of God, and is the Presiding Apostle of Victory Christian International Ministries, headquartered in Markham, Illinois with churches in the states of Arkansas, Indiana, and Illinois. He is the President of the Southland Ministerial Health Network of Chicagoland. This organization provides information, inspiration and resources to citizens of the Southland and surrounding communities. Known as a "Master Bridge Builder," Dr. White is the spearhead or supporter of some of the community's most important legislation concerning municipal, county, state and national projects that benefit communities and the Kingdom of God at-large. He is also a supporter of anti-violence legislation. Dr. White is a contributing editor for the Gospel Tribune Newspaper and also serves as General Editor. He was the Coordinator for the Simultaneous Revival for the South Suburban Ministers Group for 17 years and worked with Operation Push as a negotiator for Rev. Jackson for 10 years. Dr. White served on the Criminal Justice Board for Cook County, Illinois under Chief Judge Timothy Evans and is the Chairman of the South Cook County Advisory Board for Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle and also serves on the advisory board for Atty. General Lisa Madigan. Dr. White is recognized and honored as a "Blue Diamond Member" of "The Global Effect Movers & Shakers Network (GEMS) 3M Project  Global Initiative - Merging Ministries, Marketplace & Municipalities for Economic and Community Success" and is a true mover and shaker in the southland community, the nation and beyond. He is also a member of the Kingdom Congressional International Alliance, a conglomerate of leaders serving the nations for the purposes of God and is recognized as a Goodwill Ambassador of the Golden Rule Alumni which is recognized internationally by the United Nations in over 120 different countries.




  • Establish the role of faith in organizing and maintaining human communities that are healthy and that reflect God's intentions.

  • Reinforce that faith groups live up to their potential as agents to prevent unnecessary suffering.

  • Address the social changes impacting the integration of spirituality and health.




  • To address the issues of unequal healthcare impacting our communities.

  • To address and impact the health of our communities-financial resources, politics, economics, housing and education.




  • Education

  • Leadership

  • Health

  • Economic Development

  • Housing

  • Advocacy


Through monthly meetings the Southland Ministerial Health Network convenes at pre-announced locations to bring you the latest information, inspiration and resources on health care and systems as they affect you, the citizens and health care service providors. There is a clear link and line of communication between the network and those it services. We strive to keep you informed, inspired and healthy in every way possible. Our vast network of collaborators stand ready to help make your life experience fruitful! If you would like to become a member of this consortium, please refer to our "Membership Opportunities" page on the Southland Website which you can access from the link above.


You can E-Mail us at: contactus@southlandmhn.com


Apostle Carl L. White Jr. 

Senior Pastor

Victory Christian

International Ministries

2206 W. 167th Street

Markham, IL 60428





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