____First Lady Pamela White ___

Lady Pamela L. White is often described as a woman who bears the Fruit of the Holy Spirit; full of grace and virtue.  For over twenty years, her area of ministry has evolved into a field expert in administrative and leadership training; and educational development.  Just as the woman mentioned in Proverbs 31, Lady White sets about her work vigorously; her arms are strong for her tasks and her lamp does not go out at night. With ten years of experience as a Church Administrator, she has implemented training programs instructing others how to incorporate Christ into the office and their daily operations.  Lady White, a proponent of volunteerism in the church, leads by example by promoting church volunteerism.


She willingly shares of herself and teaching others the importance of opening their arms to the poor and extending their hands to the needy. Currently, she serves as a program coordinator for the Southland Ministerial Health Network (SMHN), and is working as an Advocate for Breast and Cervical Cancer awareness. Following the example of “The Virtuous Woman”, Lady White has implemented one of the best Women’s Ministries in suburban Cook County. She has a talent for teaching people how to cut through all the noise and to “just do the things that matter.” She teaches women how to build up the areas they’re responsible for; present them to God and allow Him to accomplish “the great deal.”  Many times women are over taxed with trying to live up to or live out a façade but it’s understanding that charm and grace are deceptive, and beauty is vain [because it is not lasting], but a woman who reverently and worshipfully fears the Lord, shall be praised!

A nurturer by nature and clothed with strength and dignity, Lady White has extended her educational development expertise to include early childhood development. With wisdom, and faithful instruction, Lady White is the founder and CEO of the Eagle Christian Academy and Daycare (ECAD). As this establishment is yet being developed; it promises to be one of the best child care educational facilities in the Chicago southland region.

As Lady White has been given many talents, it is her call by God to Care for her husband, Apostle Carl L. White, Jr. that she cherishes most. Graciously accepting and receiving her call: To Encourage, Nourish, and Support the Man of God at home and in the church.  “Love redirects her focus and unravels the complex, overextended lifestyle that keeps many “ever running but never arriving.”  She chose to concentrate on what really matters: the people she loves the most.  The guilt  and shame associated with pushing hard, passing your spouse like a ship in the night, and not giving your family the attention you know they need is a tough thing to face.   Anything minus love equals nothing!  (Anything – love = nothing).  Even the noblest works are worthless if they aren’t motivated by love.  Lovingly, she admits “my philosophy is too many preachers in the house, makes the home another church.” Often her husband, Apostle White, says Lady White is his best friend. In fact, he has full confidence in her and she lacks nothing of value. It’s his beloved Lady who brings him good, not harm and most of all joy.

Lady Pamela White, a native of suburban Chicago continues to master her calling – To care for the Man of God in her life – Apostle Carl L. White, Jr. where they reside and share in the love of their 7 adult children, and 7 grandchildren. In her spare time, Lady White enjoys travelling to warm places with palm trees, beaches, and no cell phone service.


She serves God with all of her heart, mind, and soul.  She seeks His will for her life and follows His ways.   She respects her husband.  She plans to do him good all the days of her life.  She is trustworthy and a helpmeet. She teaches her children the ways of her Father in heaven.  She nurtures her children with the love of Christ, disciplines them with care and wisdom, and trains them in the way they should go. She prepares healthy food for her family. She serves her husband, her family, her friends, and her neighbors with a gentle and loving spirit.  She is charitable.  She seeks her husband’s approval before making purchases and spends money wisely.  She is careful to purchase quality items which her family needs.  She sings praises to God and does not grumble while completing her tasks. She is a homemaker.  She creates an inviting atmosphere of warmth and love for her family guests.  She uses hospitality to minister to those around her. She uses her time wisely.  She works diligently to complete her daily tasks.  She does not spend time dwelling on those things that do not please the Lord. She is a woman of worth and beauty.  She has the inner beauty that only comes from Christ.  She uses her creativity and sense of style to create beauty in her life and the lives of her loved ones.


Apostle Carl L. White Jr. 

Senior Pastor

Victory Christian

International Ministries

2206 W. 167th Street

Markham, IL 60428





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